Japanese studies have pointed out that LED violet can inhibit myopia

- Jun 18, 2017 -

Japan's Keio University and other institutions researchers in the new issue of international academic journal "EBioMedicine" reported that the current population of myopia is increasing, some studies have pointed out that the outdoor environment helps to curb myopia, but the specific mechanism is not clear. Researchers at the school's Department of Medicine have noticed that purple light with wavelengths between 360 and 400 nanometers is sufficient in the outdoor environment and is rarely

Researchers using chicks for animal experiments found that chicks with myopia living in the purple light environment, the inhibition of myopia gene EGR1 expression will be enhanced, the increase in the length of the axis of the chicks smaller, that myopia symptoms control.


In addition, in the clinical study, the researchers compared the situation of wearing different glasses and found that with the use of purple light can not be through the contact lenses and ordinary glasses compared to those who can use purple light contact lens myopia symptoms Get suppressed.


The research team said that because the daily use of lighting equipment lack of purple light, purple light is usually not through ordinary glasses and glass and other items, so modern people living in the absence of purple light environment, which may be related to the increase in global myopia population. The findings help to develop new ways to prevent and treat myopia and control the growth of the global myopia population.

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