LED headlamps should be how to buy

- Jun 18, 2017 -

LED headlamps have been the choice of outdoor lighting, the current market, the LED headlamps are very much, this issue Xiaobian to explain the LED headlamps should be how to buy, and when buying should be noted problem.

one. Light brightness problem:

The higher the brightness, of course, the better, the scope of exposure is the bigger the better, but for the irradiation distance, as long as 100 meters is enough, too far from the eyes are not clear (except for special use).

two. Headlights weight problem:

For a single battery weight is not very obvious, but more than 2 lithium batteries, wearing a long head will have a sense of heavy pressure, very uncomfortable, try to choose a single or additional battery pack.

three. Headlights light duration of the problem:

Often buy headlights of the buyers is very clear, hope that the longer the better, do not often go to charge, and no longer critical moment no electricity; but the duration of the headlights are limited, but can continue to 8-10 Hours is enough, because the longer the duration of the brightness is not good and the battery capacity should be corresponding to increase the pressure with the increase also increased.

four. Charging time problem:

If the headlamp battery capacity increases but does not increase the output current of the charger, it will make the charging time doubled, so in the choice of high-capacity battery to select the high current charger.

Fives. Headlight waterproof performance problem:

Ordinary are the general anti-rain, if most of the diving are mostly hung up, so when the purchase to be more understanding, according to their own needs to buy.

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