What is an LED track light

- Jun 18, 2017 -

Led track lights, is a use of led light source light source of the track, there are people known as the led rail light, since the led track lights since the market, people on the led track lights for continuous research and development, not only from It looks on the shape of the transformation, but also from its practical function to make, therefore, led track lights are often used by people to shopping malls, jewelry stores, hotels, clothing stores and so on.

The reason why led track lights can stand out in the many lamps, mainly because they have the following characteristics:


1, led track lights when using led as the main light source to produce the type of light, led light source is a cold light source, more environmentally friendly, led light emitted without radiation, no heavy metal pollution, the use of the environment will not be a threat , It issued a relatively pure light, when the light will not appear when the strobe, light efficiency is relatively high, good irradiation effect.


2, led track lights there is a very important feature, that is very energy efficient We all know, led track lights is a use of led to the production of lamps, led light source is a more energy-efficient light source type, led light source is a relatively new type of light source, environmental protection and energy saving, compared with the general track lamp, Led track lights on a very high energy-saving effect, energy-saving effect is obvious.

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