LED High Bay Light VS Traditional High Bay Light

- Jun 18, 2017 -

LED High Bay Light VS Traditional High Bay Light

According to light source, high bay light can be divided into traditional high bay light (such as sodium lamp, mercury lamp, etc.) and LED high bay light. Compared to the traditional high bay light,  LED high bay light has the following advantages:

1. LED high bay light means high RA> 70

2. led high bay lighting has high efficiency, more energy saving, the equivalent of 100W LED high bay lamp can replace the 250W traditional high bay lamp.

3. Traditional high bay light source has the shortcomings -- high temperature lamps, lighting temperature up to 200-300 degrees. The LED high bay light is cold light source, lamp temperature is low, more secure.

4. LED high bay light is in the constant innovation, the latest type of fin-type radiator high bay fixture has a more reasonable radiator design, greatly reducing the weight of high bay, so that the overall weight of 80W LED high bay lamp down to 4KG below, which can work out the cooling problem of 80-300W LED high bay light.


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