​Ten Tips For Purchasing LED Linear High Bay Light

- Jun 18, 2017 -

Ten Tips for Purchasing LED Linear High Bay Light

Here lists 10 tips for selecting high quality led warehouse lights 

1. Anti-static capacity: The stronger the antistatic capability of LED, the longer its lifespan. The anti-static capacity of LED is greater than 700V which can be used for LED lighting.

2. The radiator: If the external or built-in of light is made of aluminum, so as to extend the life of the lamp. The temperature is the key factor affecting the service life of LED chip.

3. Brightness: Different LED brightness, different price.

4. Beam Angle: LED’s uses different, LED’s beam angle different. Special light angle, the price is higher. Such as the diffuse Angle, its price is higher.

5. LED Chip: The chip is LED luminous body. Different chips, their difference in price is very large. Imported chips are more expensive .

6. Leakage Current: LED is a one-way conductive luminous body. If there is reverse current, then called leakage, LED lifespan with large leakage current is short.

7. Colloid: Ordinary LED colloids are generally epoxy. LED adds anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant, its price is more expensive. High-quality outdoor LED lighting should be anti-ultraviolet and fireproof.

8. Chip’s Size: The size of the chip is expressed by length of side. that the quality of large LED chip is better than small. The price is proportional to the size of the chip.

9. Wavelength: Wavelength of LED consistent , color consistent, then the price is high. Producers who do not have LED spectrophotograms are hard to produce purely color products.

10. Power Source: According to the design requirements of different manufacturers, power source can be divided into constant current and constant voltage. No matter what kind of power source which plays a key role on the lifespan of the entire lamp. If the lamp is broken, the power is usually burned out.

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